G&T (Gin and Tonic)


We are approaching summer and I figured we could talk about another one of my favorite things ,this time to drink! ( I wish I only drank this in summer) one cannot live on bread alone  well not my bread at least they do also need Gin and tonic.So simple, but the most addictive drink out there  due to how  the flavors are and it doesn’t affect the taste of your food as well there’s nothing worse than drinks that ruin the taste of food.

I have been practicing on how to make the perfect G&T and it all came down to the little details…

1.Good Gin- It may seem a little obvious but it really does make the difference Gordon’s is an affordable alternative which is just as good as as some  of the high-end brands .(plus it saves you the hangover)

2 Temperature-How cold the drink is has a large effect on the smoothness of the drink a lot of ice is needed I’ve found crushed ice is the best way to keep it cool evenly but it tends to melt  quicker. Another approach I tried was using a chilled glass with large cubes this is the best option because the glass is already chilled the ice stays solid for a longer period of time therefore if you’re a slow sipper you can thoroughly enjoy it.

3 Glass- I have found a wide wine glass to be the best option because you can swirl and smell the flavors coming together. A tumbler glass would be sufficient as long as its wide  but not as fun.

4.Tonic- This should not be compromised I have done this so many times and come to regret it every single time after.There’s no point in buying a really nice gin if there’s nothing good to compliment it and bring forward it’s true flavour.

5.Garnish- I like the traditional one;a wedge of lime and a few drops of lime juice but I’ve  started liking the addition of cucumber in mine as well.In general I would recommend citrus fruits and fresh herbs ie rosemary,thyme these would compliment the gin rather than overpower it.

Now I know there’s a lot of people out there who think I am crazy but once you learn how to drink it properly it is hard to consider anything else. I remember the first time I  had mine and I was skeptic too I will give you that,and my friends will happily tell you how stubborn I am. It was my 22nd birthday but I feel like my palette has changed so much since then.This G&T  was with cucumber and black pepper you can imagine my facial expression when this was handed to me . First sip was like ‘This is ok’ second and third was way better it is kind of like wine;your palette has to adjust to it first.The first few sips of wine are always questionable well at least for me but once you are fully adjusted the next chapter of your life begins.

That’s it! Happy tasting!







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