bread journeys


I have decided to face one of my worst fears and make bread! I have completely abandoned sweet treats this time.I have made bread before but never by recipe just by guessing as to what it should look and taste like. I don’t think it is justified to say that I have made bread at least until now.

I made two loaves with the help of ‘Paul Hollywoods bread’ this is such an educational book especially for the first time bread maker, it explains the importance of every process. My first loaf  which is the basic bloomer , this is the  simplest bread in the book it  was horrible experience for something that does not have many ingredients’. It really should not cause this much stress as expected the room temperature was too cold this is really hard to do when the temperature outside is 7 degrees so the rising of the bread did not happen at all ,therefore the flavours did not develop and it tasted purely of salt. Surprisingly, it did not look too bad but as I have learnt looks can be deceiving especially with food! people eat with their eyes first but with bread in my opinion you really shouldn’t. The sound of the bead when you tear it and the smell should be the main indicator of whether  it is going to be a good one.


When it comes to the  second bloomer I was ready for it! turned all the ovens on in the kitchen to help with the rising of the dough. waited 3 hours between each rising to allow the flavour to really come through  I was not going to get anything wrong this time. Got the second rising done perfectly as well, but according to the book it was supposed to rise whilst sustaining loaf shape.The dough expanded but  did not rise in  a shape sustaining way ,which was very disappointing after waiting so long. In addition to that it did not rise as high as the first one I am still trying to figure out why…….

Overall the first one looks better but the second one tastes better but does not look as good. This has brought foreword my need to find the balance between the two! I am so relieved this is over and I will not be making bread for a while now, but I am definitely more confident with bread.




The difference between the two loaves









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