Picnic ideas



13262221_10209353147682504_935280024_oSeeing as the weather has been on our side lately having a picnic was a must and considering  I have not posted in a while I thought I would give three easy ideas to put in a picnic basket. Rocky road, ginger biscuits and my own recipe for jack Daniels honey cupcakes.

These ginger bread biscuits are the easiest fool proof biscuit recipe I have ever experienced. The hardest part of it all was trying not to eat them immediately. Mix all the dry ingredient with a whisk  first then add butter ( don’t forge to soften it) , slowly add the egg and your done! .This is great for gifts as well and you will be out the door within an hour!

The second item I made was Rocky road  melt chocolate, butter , golden syrup in a  bowl on top  of a pot of boiling water and mix the rest of ingredients in thereafter. Let it cool for two hours before adding icing sugar as it doesn’t really show if you do it immediately (trust me ).yes, I did use a Nigella recipe and you will soon understand why.

Finally, I made vanilla cupcakes with Jack Daniel’s honey icing. When it comes to making cupcakes I have a ‘cup’ theory, as long as you put equal amounts of ingredients in the same cup it doesn’t matter what size cup it will be fine. Cream the butter , vanilla extract ,sugar together followed by the wet and dry ingredients. This should be followed by Two table spoons  of the batter in each cupcake case and place in  the oven for 150 degrees between 15-20 minutes  depending on your oven. The icing is pretty straight foreword mix all the ingredients in a bowl in no particular order and finally pipe the icing on the cupcakes start from the middle going outwards. I still need to work on my piping but  I am kind of happy with these.


The picnic turned out really good there was three hours of back and forth sun which  was very relaxing and generous for Buxton. The food was all delicious and tasting everyone’s contribution was the best part. Personally, I Made friends with ducks and met a dog called bingo in the park  but now that university done I look foreword to posting more. Happy picnicking!


vanilla cupcakes with jack Daniels Honey icing recipe:

1 cup of self raising  flour

1 cup of milk

1 cup  castor sugar

two eggs

1 cup  of butter (yes, cup)

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

for the icing:

140g icing sugar

200g butter

two table spoons Jack Daniels honey


The gingerbread biscuit and rocky road recipe links:







(photo credits to Patrick)



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