Chez panisse Almond tarte



Now I had never heard of this in my life but one of my flatmates from France made this for me (hi Valense:) ) and I knew its something I have to learn to make myself . I’ve never made a tart  either because nothing scares me more than  making pastry and bread ,the slightest thing you do wrong can ruin an entire recipe. That is too much pressure to add to my life  but today I decided it is time to face my fears! besides that’s what this blog is about journeys and learning from mistakes.  Finding a recipe for this was really hard as I could not find a direct website but I took it off a blog.

DSC02812DSC02873 (2)


I was right to be scared of pastry because wow! I put in the fridge to  get the right temperature but I left it in too long so it was rock hard, so I left it out to lower this down a bit making it easier to work with, but not easy. This is exactly what my worst nightmare is made of, the pastry was so thin it kept on breaking to the point I almost broke myself but I came this far!  This also made it hard to get around the tin in the end I had to press it in and around the tart tin, which was the only way that seemed to work. As if I am not stressed enough I was blind baking the tart , but I forgot to poke holes in the pastry so it was not cooked as well as it should have. It is safe to say this is a rustic homemade recipe so please try this at home!DSC02878 (2)

I made a few swaps in this recipe, I had no amaretto so I used Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey  its not as sweet but should do the trick .Personally, I think this sounds like an improvement neither did I have almond extract I just used extra vanilla where the almond extract was supposed to be. Making the filling was easy enough as it was similar to making sticky toffee pudding without the butter  .

All is well at this point because it tastes amazing even though the pastry was a bit crumbly and the colour is uneven due to my student oven .This was definitely a successful first time but there is room for improvement!


here’s the link to recipe!-















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