Afternoon tea?

I thought this time I would give myself a break from the kitchen and include an experience I did not create . Therefore I thought I would talk about  my fist time going to have an afternoon tea, I do not know why it took me so long to have one as this should be one of the first things you do here! Therefore five of my friends and I went to a local café ( Upstairs at charlotte’s café).

DSC_0718 (Edited)

An afternoon tea is normally a selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones  on a three tier cake stand served with tea. The concept of afternoon tea came in when the seventh  Duchess of Bedford  decided she could not wait for a meal between breakfast and dinner (this is when people had two meals a day). She then requested to be given a pot of tea and some light snacks in order to make through the day , eventually  she got all her friends in on it and then over the years it became a norm and a local  tradition. Must be nice to demand extra meals in the day!

DSC_0726 (Edited)

The funny part is I did not actually drink any tea because  I need to stay awake as much as possible therefore I had a cappuccino. It was surprisingly really good and I would encourage everyone to give it a go  although I was hoping the weather would be better,I understand how this could be a meal because even if it was shared between two people we couldn’t really finish it. It was well presented and portioned out in a way that is not too intimidating, this is more for people who like to eat slow and just enjoy their time as most of the food is served .There was a variety of two meat and one vegetarian platter therefore we can see the contrast in types of food.DSC_0725 (Edited)

I would have had more fun if I made it myself which has inspired me to dedicate that to one of my future posts. overall was a good experience and I look forward to creating one of my own!






(photo credits to Patrick)


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