Sticky Toffee Pudding

This has been a very busy week for me catching up with university work and life in general hence why my post is so late! This time staying with my apparent sweet tooth I decided to do one of my favourite British desserts! Sticky toffee pudding. I have abandoned Nigella for a while and decided to use  Jamie Oliver’s recipe, Do not worry it is good. I have never made this myself I have seen  other people  make it so I had an idea as to how to go about it. The most surprising part of this dessert is when I found  out that dates were  inside it ,never in my life did I think I would like dates in my dessert.

This was definitely interesting to make one of the problems I faced was trying to puree them being a student I just have a basic blender  so it did not work at all. When I switched to  hand blender it was much easier as I could make sure it was done evenly. that wasted a bit of time but it did mix well most of it was folding rather than whisking. I did not use Ovaltine , I swapped out the natural yoghurt for Greek yoghurt because I had that in  my fridge it does not really make a difference. Strangely I bought single cream instead of double cream  this didn’t affect the recipe either. Although if you do so make sure you let the butter and sugar simmer until a nice dark brown before slowly mixing in the cream trust me it is worth the wait. I literally want to drink this for the rest of my life and live happily ever after…….

But before you live happily ever after you need vanilla ice cream or custard to serve , whatever you prefer its quite rich otherwise . I did not make my own ice cream unfortunately I am saving that for another post. I tried with all my might to quenelle the ice cream (a way of shaping ice cream) seeing as I didn’t make it putting effort it seemed necessary . I dropped my first one on the floor after a few tears and laughter I did it! not perfectly of course, but I did it!by the time I make the ice cream post I will be  better.



Here’s the link to the recipe-










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