Carrot Cake Chronicles

Carrying on with the nigella and cake theme, I have decided to attempt a carrot cake. I have made this cake before and it tasted much better the first time however with the previous cake, the icing was my biggest problem as it was too runny and just didn’t sit well on the cake, but that did not bring me down this time as carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes right next to red velvet and chocolate. I believe if you are so obsessed with a certain food it is up to you as the individual to learn how to make it. Why be so passionate about something and not try to understand how it came to be?

Therefore this time I focused on the icing  rather than the cake which has compromised the taste of cake but do not let this put you off it is still a good cake recipe.The icing was better to work with by taking out the butter and folding in the icing sugar but make sure you sieve the icing sugar or you will be in for  bumpy looking cake. Personally, I think this is not so bad especially if rustic home looking cakes are the ones you prefer then ignore away!

This cake brought to light my need to work on my piping skills even though cream cheese is not the easiest to work with.  To be completely fair, I do not have any experience with  piping, unless home made cupcakes count. I stand by what I said in the previous post nigella recipes are not wallet friendly but definitely tasty and worth all the effort she requires  I mean she is queen…


DSC_0206 (2)

do not forget to eat the cake and have fun!!!

Here’s the link to recipe





photo credits ( Patrick and Lena)






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