Nigella should be queen!

Anyone who knows me knows I have an unconditional love for Nigella Lawson. Every time I attempt one of her recipes I have never been disappointed therefore it is only fair that when I attempted making my favourite cake in the world this would be red velvet by the queen herself. The recipe I used is said to be made for cupcakes but  works perfectly for a cake too. I doubled up on this recipe because I thought it would not be enough for a cake but that is the last time I ever question nigella’s recipe. As this mountain of a cake was enough to make anyone’s day.


 I am not a professional baker /pastry chef but I have always loved to bake as a hobby and I am still learning every single time I try. I know I have a lot of work to do before the standard of my cakes are  at a professional level but that’s the beauty of baking its about self development. This means the  true understanding of where you are as a baker and where you want to be. Baking was one of the driving forces that led me into the hospitality industry. I mean who doesn’t love cake?

The science and precision behind baking is unbelievable. When I first started I used to just ‘wing it’ and hoped it tasted good but ever since I started my degree I have learnt the true value of measuring and most importantly…… patience. Patience is the most important lesson I have learnt throughout my course because you are going to get it wrong more often than most are willing to admit but it is the feeling of when you finally get it right .That is satisfaction at its purest…

I have to admit this is not a budget friendly recipe especially as a student but the taste and look of it is definitely worth it! I have left the link to the website for those who want to attempt it .I promise you will not be disappointed!










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  1. Chilufya says:

    Hi Shala, this is great!

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  2. Kristina says:

    Love it 👍🏻 I also find that for me the most dificult think in cooking is being patient, but once you do it right it is the best feeling

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  3. This really helped me with what cake to choose my boyfriend for our anniversary, and the recipe from nigella was brilliant. I will definitely look to her again.

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  4. Chola Kangwa says:

    i enjoyed reading this post, you are amazing!awesomeness


  5. Adrian Phiri says:

    Awesome post, can only imagine the taste #mouth.watering #Precision

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