Lazy Saturday


As the due date for my dissertation is getting closer lazy Saturdays are becoming more and more common in my  life  but nothing brings me more comfort than a cold day ending with a cup of tea in this case my favourite South African tea is Freshpak’s Rooibos . It is usually drank with a bit of lemon juice and honey .This brings back memories of the comforting feeling of being home. I would definitely recommend this to every tea lover as its unique taste combined with honey can make anyone feel at ease.

Growing up I did not like this tea at all as I have always been a coffee lover but once I had no access to it then I realised its true value, Now I cannot imagine my life without it. This may sound very dramatic but its true there is something about tea in general no matter where you are from everyone understands the value of a good cup of tea.





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  1. Audrey says:

    That tea pot is adorable. Can you find this tea in the U.S.?

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    1. Thank you, it belonged to my flatmate. yes you can! follow link -


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